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During this three-day course, you will learn real world Agile coding practices and techniques in an
interactive, hands-on environment with exercises and live coding projects. This knowledge builds upon
the foundational knowledge of the CSM.

To earn the CSD, Scrum Alliance requires a total of five days of formal training
taught by a Scrum Alliance Registered Education Provider (REP®) and a Scrum
Alliance Authorized Instructor. We recommend the Track 1 option for CSD as a
set forth by the Scrum Alliance:
• CSM® course (2 days)
• CSD technical course, including coding (3 days)


  • You MUST have the CSM certification prior to registering for the CSD technical course. We offer the CSM
    course the two days leading up to the CSD course.
  • You MUST have coding experience in a conventional programming language such as Java, C#, Swift, C++,
    Ruby, and so on. The course involves actual programming in a team environment. The course is a
    programming course, not a survey, overview, or discussion. Actual code will be written, tested, and reviewed
    by the instructors.
  • You MUST have a laptop with administrative rights so that you can make changes to the environment,
    connect to network servers, etc. Other prerequisites in terms of downloads / installs will be communicated
    prior to the start of class.

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