Florida Center for Allergy and Asthma Supercharges Sales with Mobile Sales

Probably no job functions have been as affected by the mobile revolution as business development and field sales. Not only do organizations need to continually educate their teams to address new devices and shifting technologies, but they also need to find smart ways to put mobile to work for sales persons and customers.

Many field sales teams are hamstrung by legacy systems that are slow and difficult to utilize, but Florida Center For Allergy and Asthma (FCAA) hired Cirrus Digital, Miami’s top ranked Salesforce Partner, to rethink how FCAA could empower its field sales reps to be more productive when in the field. Using a MapAnything and the Salesforce Platform, FCAA’s are more productive than ever before.

“Our processes were getting in the way of acquiring new customers,” explains Ramses Nasser, Vice President of Technology.

The company’s antiquated paper-based systems required field reps to return to the office whenever they needed update prospect and customer data in the company’s CRM. Every time a new market was launched, complexity added to an already lengthy sales process.


Taking care of business from an iPad

Using MapAnything and the Salesforce Platform, the company allowed reps to quickly access key account contacts and important real-time patient referral information. Reps where able to quickly define their daily activities and use MapAnything to quickly optimize driving routes and appointments from the comfort of their homes and vehicles.

Cirrus Digital integrated FCAA’s proprietary referral platform with Salesforce to deliver real-time information to the field sales team. Delivering these analytics allowed customer to have better insights into their customer base and have more productive conversations with clients. With the app—reps can do a better job of communicating the benefits and services to medical groups in South Florida, reducing the number of delayed visits by 40 percent.

“Thanks to this implementation, our field sales team can manage all aspects of their job from anywhere,” Nasser continues.

“They use it all day long. Not only are they more productive but they can do a better job reaching new customers and servicing existing ones.”