How to use talk triggers create buzz for your brand – Free business advertising

Have you ever flown Virgin Airlines?

If so, you’re quickly transported back to the purple lit cabin, the plush black leather seats and the easy to use touch screen ordering service. All these elements are remarkably effective at achieving a unique environment abroad Virgin’s planes.


The experience is memorable, and we go on to talk about for weeks after our trip has concluded, right?

Admittedly, people love to tell stories about their travels What cities they visited, where they stay and yes – most importantly the details of their flight. These conversations happen almost as frequently offline – at parties, or next to the office water cooler – as it does online, in places like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We call these talk triggers – strategic, repeatable, differentiators that spark word of mouth dialogue. Talk triggers – like how different it is to fly Virgin Airlines – create memorable storytelling value that boosts the brand.

Talk triggers are a unique and powerful marketing instrument that can be used to promote a business – for free.

Most business owners believe that good business practices create conversation and that being “good” yields word of mouth buzz. If you want customers to tell others about your business, you must offer something unique in addition to being excellent. Below are five types of “talk triggers” that we’ve seen work effectively for businesses.

Five types of “talk triggers” that we’ve seen work effectively for businesses.

1. Be generous

In this style of “talk trigger,” you give your customers a little something extra that creates memorable moments and word of mouth. Something extra can come in the form of additional products, value-added services or experiences.

2. Be useful

Here, you can offer something for customers that are more useful than they anticipate, spurring them to tell others about the experience. One of the highest-rated locksmiths in New York City, for example, oils every lock in every home they visit, not just the locks they work on.

3. Be responsive

In today’s hyper-connected world, speed can be a differentiator. Customers tend to equate speed with caring. The faster you can respond and the more convenient you are, the more memorable you’ll become.

4. Be empathetic

Being more human and empathetic than customers expect is another way to boost conversation. For example, one of our clients is a financial investment firm. Associates in the firm call each new client who visited their office for the first time, to ask if they have any question about their appointment. Such a simple, valuable gesture!

5. Be different

Some businesses create conversation just by being a little different. Perhaps our favorite example is Five Guys Burgers. You might remember the fries more than the burger. When you get your order, you’ll notice the paper bag is packed full of fries. Even if you ordered a small fry, you get a bag full of fries. This is something they do for every customer, every time.



Word of mouth is the most cost-effective way to grow your business. FREE – outperforms any marketing strategy in the book. When your current customers tell their friends, you get new customers at no additional cost.

Get creative and think about ways to give your customers a story worth telling. Pick one or more of these five types of “talk triggers” to get started.