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Our Digital AI Solution for Lenders to Validate PPP Expenses – Accurately and Economically

SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was expedited into execution to protect millions of small business enterprises through the COVID-19 shutdown. SBA is leaning on PPP lenders to provide verification and validations for PPP funds usage. 

PAYFOR is a digital AI solution created by CirrusLabs and FIRM Advisors that will:

  • Validate PPP expenses through a pragmatic AI solution to help mitigate errors and apply SBA's criteria consistently across borrowers.
  • Permit digital “reading, indexing, storing” of eligible expenses directly from borrower financial documents and records.
  • Enable accuracy, speed, scale, and cost savings for validation and compliance by digitally referencing financial documents and records.


Lenders on the Hook? Verify PPP Usage of Borrowers

PAYFOR created by CirrusLabs & FIRM Advisors

PAYFOR Presentation-1

PAYFOR provides banking and financial institutions the ability to independently document traceability, calculations, verification, and validation of “forgiveness” calculations claimed by borrowers vs. uploaded documents. `

Benefits of PAYFOR:

  • Provides the dual solution of forgiveness application preparation and validation in one product, providing savings for both borrower and lender.   
  • Automated solution yields a significant reduction in process costs and staffing or outsourcing costs
  • Significant reduction in errors and omissions; Consistent and objective approach that can be followed irrespective of the reviewer
  • Fully documented audit register and reporting



PAYFOR is specifically designed for BANKS and CREDIT UNIONS to save time and money in the verification process while providing a detailed audit register for compliance. The key aspect is that we source the data for the form and make it easily verifiablea big win for both you as the lender and for your small business client.


PAYFOR is created in partnership with FIRM Advisors.

400dpiLogoCombining a full-service digital transformation company with a multi-disciplinary financial services advisory firm allows us to provide cutting edge automated solutions tailored to the banking industry, improving functional efficiency while simultaneously reducing risk.


Key Features


Standardized payroll and expense templates


Automated audit register
including approved
and non-approved lists


Highly secure and
NIST/PCI/DSS compliant


Multi-client interface


Implementation and user guide


24/7 Customer Support

Here’s what they had to say about their experience working with CirrusLabs:

“The AI solutions are awesome! Solutions user-friendly…I am also happy that our feedback are also valued and taken into consideration in terms of improving the tool…Just a few modifications, the tool would be perfect!”

- The Business Team

“It has been a real pleasure working with the CirrusLabs team…Transparent, great communication... We got what we needed to address the audit finding and on-time...We always knew where things were at and you addressed the key issues right when they came up.”

- Leadership/Executives

“The solution has been in production for 3 months with 500 agents using it everyday…and it just works…You did a great job transitioning to our team and next to no support required…You have a great team!”

- Technology Leaders

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