One-click deployments
Run Pega Systems anywhere
Security scans automatically
Visibility on the status

Learn about Pega DevOps-As-A-Service

The Challenge & Solution for Business Processes

Now more than ever companies must adapt … Are your PegaSystems ready?

PegaSystems are crucial to mission critical business processes such as call centers, member interactions, case management, etc.. CirrusLabs combines the best of both worlds by bridging Pega's BPM tool with expert-level DevOps capabilities.

With CirrusLabs' Pega DevOps-As-A-Service:


Your organization can  have:

  • One-click deployments : PegaSystems and all the tools for IT staff need
  • The ability to run PegaSystems anywhere: traditional on premise or the cloud
  • Security scans automatically: completed at every layer to reduce your exposure
  • Visibility on the status
    • Business leaders have full visibility on the status of every new capability

Accelerate your Pega DevOps Journey.

Pega DevOps As-A-Service

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CirrusLabs' Pega DevOps-As-A-Service allows you to:

  • Open up Pega into standard pipeline tools like Jenkins or Bamboo
  • Gain enhanced security:  DevSecOps pipelines built into OpenShift Container Platform:
    • Security-Enhanced Linux – The world class hardened operating system; root privileges removed
    • Twist lock container image scanning
    • Optimized access control aligned with our recommended operating model
  • Run Pega's Product.jar as a container providing portability to run anywhere and with DR

Pega DevOps Workflow and Operating Model

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Business Outcomes: A Paradigm Shift in Pega & DevOps

  • Business Agility – Get new Pega capabilities to market faster
  • Improved Visibility - Executives and line of business leaders can track quality and release progress
  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Better customer experience
  • Improved Productivity & quality resulting in cost reduction
  • Better collaboration – Eliminate Silos among dev, ops, security

How We Engage:

Pega DevOps Offerings

At CirrusLabs, we provide several professional services offerings to accelerate your Pega DevOps journey.  Our niche expertise ensures your solution is future proof and will deliver the promise of DevOps of PegaApplications.  We offer the following services:

Pega DevOps Assessment

Maturity assessment of a software process is a measurement of the ability of an organization to roll out software with continuous improvement in the lifecycle of a software process.  The higher the maturity, the higher will be the chances that incidents or errors will lead to improvements either in the quality or in the use of the resources of the discipline as implemented by the organization. We provide services for the following:

  • Assessment of Pega application and evaluate the current state and future state
  • Recommendation of high priority and low priority initiatives
  • Creating and delivering a solution/plan on how to modernize Pega applications

Pega DevOps Pipeline Factory

Automation is created by a set of programs referred to as CI/CD pipelines. Being Agile is only the beginning. To drive true business value and agility, an end-to-end DevSecOps platform is needed to support continuous integration,  & continuous delivery, and security. We offer services for:

  • Creation on playbook for CI/CD pipeline
  • Recommendation on DevOps Tool chain
  • Standardize the process of automation around Agility and DevOps and then DevSecOps
  • Create, design, delivery and execution solutions on creating CI/CD pipeline factory from ideation to deploying in Cloud

Pega DevOps Dashboard

Metrics measurement dashboard will indicate agility process, code compliance, QA automated testing and which Pega applications have automated CI/CD pipelines in what environments, if pipelines are being used or not at an application, infrastructure and release management levels. It will also indicate the statistics on source code, build, release, deploy, infrastructure, and security. It provides a one stop shop for executives to visualize all of the health-check data on one screen.


Here’s what they had to say about their experience working with CirrusLabs:

“The IIoT solutions are awesome! Solutions user-friendly…I am also happy that our feedback are also valued and taken into consideration in terms of improving the tool…Just a few modifications, the tool would be perfect!”

- The Business Team

“It has been a real pleasure working with the CirrusLabs team…Transparent, great communication... We got what we needed to address the audit finding and on-time...We always knew where things were at and you addressed the key issues right when they came up.”

- Leadership/Executives

“The solution has been in production for 3 months with 500 agents using it everyday…and it just works…You did a great job transitioning to our team and next to no support required…You have a great team!”

- Technology Leaders

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