Company Background

Santander Bank is a retail banking company with 144 million worldwide customers. Santander has more than 600 US branches that hold a total of $54.7 billion in deposits. Though originally from Spain, the bank now holds its headquarters in Boston and has a strong presence in the northeastern US. Santander has more than 10,000 employees within the United States who deliver 1.5 million customer service calls every month. The institution prides itself on educating its customers, improving their communities, and protecting the environment.

What challenges did Santander face?

One important challenge for Santander Bank was the management of its customer information. The bank was rapidly expanding across the country and needed a standardized platform to ensure customer data was managed accurately and efficiently. Santander’s legacy systems were prone to error from user input, and its backend systems were not intuitive to relationship managers and tellers. The bank was also concerned with maintaining customer data confidentiality and adhering to corporate policy and federal regulations. Cirrus Digital delivered a streamlined application that displayed relevant customer information for authorized employees, allowing them to quickly provide answers to customer inquiries.

What solutions did Cirrus Digital implement?

Cirrus Digital integrated Santander’s customer information systems with Sales Cloud, the leading CRM platform. We understood the various roles within Santander’s organization and created security roles and procedures to adhere to federal regulations and compliance policies. During our weekly meetings with the bank’s executives, we learned about their employees’ feedback regarding their current system. After consolidating this information, we were able to deliver a visually appealing CRM portal that saved employees time and effort during each step of their daily processes. Customer service representatives were able to efficiently manifest customers’ past bank histories based on their phone numbers or emails, and sales agents could use a customer acquisition form that made sense and saved them steps. Cirrus Digital also created dashboards for managers and executives that allowed for full visibility of their KPIs and monthly targets. Inter-department data tracking became possible, allowing for further analysis of customer pain points and producing a greater sense of comradery within the organization. Because of their new CRM system, Santander could feel secure expanding into new territories knowing that their processes were standardized, their customers’ sensitive information was secured, and their team’s daily tasks were simplified for efficiency.