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Why do you need SCM Solutions?

With the advent of fast moving technology, the Relationships between Retailers and Customers, Warehouses and Associates, Carriers and Shippers is experiencing evolutionary shifts.

Slowing down is not even an option!

Enterprises need to be in active mode with the latest technology trend, with SCM Functional and Technical experts.

At CirrusLabs we pride ourselves on being the supply chain industry experts for the digital age, with “Manhattan, Oracle, GT-Nexus and many other SCM Product specializations”. Our goal is to bring cutting edge Supply Chain thought-leadership and technology innovations in an agile and cost effective manner.


There is a better way:

SMC Core Services by CirrusLabs.

CirrusLabs Can Help You Deliver Supply Chain Management Solutions with Speed and Quality, Without the Hassles of Hiring and Outsourcing


SCM Techno Functional Services

  • Configuration Management
  • Optimization – Routing, Wave, Labor, Consolidation, Inventory, Slotting
  • Consolidation Study, Dispatch, Private Fleet, Rail, Ocean, International Enablement
  • Extensions – Design, Develop, Test
  • SCM Peak-Support
  • Manhattan Platform Expertise

DC/Facility Rollout Support

  • CRP & POCs Critical Flows
  • Rollout – Lead , Plan, Design, Test
  • Interfaces – Data Translations, Transformation, Setup
  • Go Live – Technical & Functional

SCM Integration MIF

  • Specialization – WebMethods, ETL TIBCO, MQ, SOAP/WSDL, FTP
  • Experts with EDI-XML-JSON
  • 3rd-Party Integration – SMC3, Rateware, FedEx, Amazon-Prime, UPS, etc.,
  • Routing, Translation of Messages

Digital Transformation Services


Legacy Application Migration

  • SCM Infrastructure Upgrades – WMOS, TMS, LM Jboss Enterprise to Community, AIX to Linux migration, WebSphere Upgrades


Cloud Migration/Microservice

  • Cloud Transformation & Migration
  • Infrastructure, System Assessments
  • Hybrid Cloud Migration
  • Cloud-Ops & Monitoring

SCM Data Analytics

  • Specialization – Manhattan SCI
  • Real-time SCM Analytics
  • SCM Business Customizations
  • Big Data and Hadoop expertise

Support Services


Quality Engineering Automation

  • Expertise – DevOps, Automation, CI-CD (SCM Platform)
  • End-to-End Automaton

Primary Level 1 Support

  • One Stop – SCM Business Needs
  • Experienced Resources on Manhattan Suites of Products
  • SCM Ad-hoc Business Requests
  • Responsible for all SCM delivery


AMS Application Management

  • Dedicated Application Support – WMOS, LM, DOM, MIF, TMS
  • Pro-Active alerts, Monitoring and Dashboards

Here’s what they had to say about their experience working with CirrusLabs:

“The supply chain management solutions are awesome! Solutions user-friendly…I am also happy that our feedback are also valued and taken into consideration in terms of improving the tool…Just a few modifications, the tool would be perfect!”

- The Business Team

“It has been a real pleasure working with the CirrusLabs team…Transparent, great communication... We got what we needed to address the audit finding and on-time...We always knew where things were at and you addressed the key issues right when they came up.”

- Leadership/Executives

“The solution has been in production for 3 months with 500 agents using it everyday…and it just works…You did a great job transitioning to our team and next to no support required…You have a great team!”

- Technology Leaders

About CirrusLabs

CirrusLabs is a Digital Transformation consulting firm, passionate about enabling organizations to rapidly realize Continuous Business Value Delivery (CBVD)®, higher productivity and improved quality, through the use of lean and agile principles.


We Are About Value Creation

We believe value creation is maximized by scaling efficiency and productivity to build sustainable organizations.

Sustainable Organizations

We build sustainable organizations by enlisting thought leaders who unlock the human capabilities of initiative, creativity and passion.

Continuous Innovation

We believe that successful companies continuously innovate - leveraging these entrepreneurial capabilities.

CirrusLabs are trusted partners that focus on helping our customers attain real business results by listening, collaborating, and solving our customer issues. Customers realize tremendous value through our proprietary Continuous Business Value Delivery®, AgileGPS® and AgiLEAD® capabilities.

Many customers across multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies, rely on CirrusLabs Assessments to successfully jumpstart their Agile Transformation journey.


CirrusLabs Ranks No. 1 in IT Services on the 2019 Inc. 5000, with Three-Year Revenue Growth of 263 Percent