11 Tech Experts Share Essential Questions To Ask Your DRaaS Provider

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"While no business hopes to need it, a disaster recovery plan is crucial to ensuring a company’s digital health—especially in the worst of circumstances. While some businesses keep their disaster recovery planning and operations in-house, others choose to outsource it. A disaster recovery as a service provider can manage a difficult, and ever-changing, task for companies not equipped to handle it themselves or free up valuable time and energy for any organization looking to protect its assets.

As is the case with any other outsourced provider, company leadership must conduct the appropriate research to ensure the vendor is a good fit and qualified to provide the level of service needed. If you’re in the process of vetting DRaaS vendors, make sure to ask these 11 essential questions shared by the members of Forbes Technology Council.

11 Tech Experts Share Essential Questions To Ask Your DRaaS ProviderMembers of Forbes Technology Council share essential questions companies need to ask a potential DRaaS provider. PHOTOS COURTESY OF THE INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS.

2. ‘Does your hardware configuration align with our company’s?’

A company’s business continuity plan should contain a disaster recovery plan. If the intent is to outsource DR, then I would check whether the DRaaS team has the right skills and hardware configurations—ones that are in alignment with the company’s configurations. Then, I would ask if they are able to work with the team to do tabletop testing to prove business continuity and remediate any risk. - Shiboo Varughese,"

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