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Whether you’re on the path to simply understanding the basics or you’re reaching for the heights and want to become an Agile master, we offer courses for all stages of your journey.

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Atlassian Services & Training



Atlassian Managed Services

As an Atlassian Silver partner, we take the complexity away of managing the Atlassian suite of tools to help you achieve:

  • Rapid configuration
  • Faster time to market
  • Reduction of FTE utilization on your side
  • Integrated DevOps pipeline with agile lifecycle management

Learn about how CirrusLabs can help you configure, launch & scale in 30 minutes!

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Let us help you implement and optimize your use of Atlassian Tools

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Atlassian Products We Support


Photone 4 Presentation-7

Temperature Detection & Social Distancing Solution

Detect, alert, & report on human body temperature, social distancing, facial personal protection & more! PHOTONE4 is CirrusLabs' Temperature Detection & Social-Distancing solution was developed to enable and enhance risk mitigation efforts. The goal is to help government agencies and businesses detect, alert, & report on human body temperature, social grouping & proximity, in addition to facial personal protection.

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PAYFOR Presentation


Designed for Banks & Credit Unions

PAYFOR is an AI driven solution, allowing banks and credit unions to efficiently verify and validate PPP loan forgiveness submissions by their borrowers. Banks and credit unions can save time and money in the verification process while providing a detailed audit register for compliance. Our solution sources the data for the form and make it easily verifiable – a big win for both you as the lender and for your small business client.

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Pega DevOps As-A-Service

Now more than ever companies must adapt to the "new normal". PegaSystems are crucial to mission critical business processes such as call centers, member interactions, and case management. CirrusLabs combines the best of both worlds by bridging Pega's BPM tool with expert-level DevOps capabilities.

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Supply Chain Management Solutions

CirrusLabs can help you deliver Supply Chain Management Solutions with speed and quality, without the hassles of hiring and outsourcing. Core services include: SCM Techno Functional Services, Cloud Migration and Microservice, Quality Engineering Automation, AMS App Management, SCM Data Analytics and more!

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Collect payment from patients in minutes, not months.

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Will you survive the digital disruption?

Digital Disruption is not just about changing technology;
it is about changing and evolving your business model

Digital Transformation

Embrace Innovation and Thrive in the Digital Economy


Speed & Agility

Digital Transformation is about gaining the speed and agility needed to take full advantage of rapid digital change.

Faster Solutions

A successful Digital Transformation enables your organization to deliver new solutions faster, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profitability.

Competitive Advantage

With the right strategy, tools, and expertise, you can successfully turn rapid digital change into your biggest competitive advantage, rather than a threat to your organization.

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Discover how agile methodologies will streamline the way your company operates

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Who is Digital Transformation for?



Craft a clear Digital Transformation strategy that allows your organization to reduce risk, adapt to rapid change, and stay competitive.


Foster innovation, agility, and collaboration among teams, and develop new products and services quickly.


Implement modern systems and technology to reduce costs and effort, while boosting productivity.

Decision Makers

Identify key opportunities by turning large amounts of data into actionable insights.

Development Teams

Embrace a better, faster way to deliver high-quality software users love.


Demonstrate new ideas to stakeholders by quickly developing prototypes, Proofs of Concept, and MVPs.

Digital Transformation Building Blocks

Whether your organization is just beginning its Digital Transformation journey, or need help accelerating your current efforts, our proven, flexible framework was built to ensure your long-term digital success.

Digital Strategy
Visioning, Strategy, Governance
Shared Vision
Rapid digital change requires your organization to develop a strategy for quickly harnessing advances in people, processes, and technology to deliver the best possible experience to your customers. We help your organization successfully prepare for the future by thoroughly assessing your current state, developing a clear vision and strategy, and then providing you a measurable roadmap for your digital transformation.

Key Outcome

  • Shared Vision

Key Challenges

  • Change resistant organization
  • Outdated business model
  • Lack of agile mindset


  • Visioning
  • Strategy
  • Governance

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Agile Organization
Train, Launch, Coach, Scale
High Velocity Teams
Seamlessly adapting to digital change requires more than just new technology. In a fast-paced, competitive environment, your organization must have a structure that promotes agility, where teams can innovate, test, and deploy new ideas quickly. Our Agile training and coaching services help your organization break down internal silos, boost collaboration and productivity, and increase speed to market.

Key Outcome

  • High Velocity Teams

Key Challenges

  • Linear transformation plan
  • Lack of executive support


  • Train
  • Launch
  • Coach
  • Scale

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Modernized Technology
Architecture, Software Delivery, Testing, DevOps, Cloud, Security, Supply Chain
Speed & Quality
To keep up with rapid digital change, your organization must be able to deliver new solutions that meet your customers’ needs faster than ever before. Traditional development models are expensive, slow, and risky. Our Agile approach helps your organization understand the needs of your users, quickly deploy new features, and iterate based on feedback. With this approach, you can deliver higher quality software at a rapid and sustainable pace.

Key Outcome

  • Speed and Quality

Key Challenges

  • Execution speed, frustrated organization


  • Architecture
  • Software Delivery
  • Testing
  • DevOps
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Supply Chain

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Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Actionable Insights
Innovation, speed, and agility are only useful if your organization is executing on the right opportunities. Fast, accurate decision-making requires insights based on data, not guesswork. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we can help your organization quickly turn large amounts of data into actionable insights, allowing you to identify key opportunities for innovation and business growth.

Key Outcome

  • Automated Insight

Key Challenges

  • Misinterpreting market trends


  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Emerging Technology
IOT, Robotics
Advanced Technology
Improve the efficiency of your organization to create greater value for your customers. Adopting emerging technology to assist your employees can drastically reduce the time spent on tasks and will improve the overall efficiency of your organization. This results in a decrease in unnecessary cost spends and mismanagement of resources.

Key Outcome

  • Greater value to customers
  • Procuring the right technology
  • Optimizing technology for needs

Key Challenges

  • Execution speed
  • Technology trends


  • IOT
  • Robotics

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Design Thinking, Innovation, Ecosystem, Product Portfolio Management
Competitive Advantage
If you have an innovative product idea that you’d like to bring to market, our architects and designers can help you get started. We’ve found that the best way to share your vision with executives is to show them how the product will actually work. If your organization does not have its own innovation team, we can collaborate with you on quickly prototyping and building a Proof of Concept in as little as 60 days.

Key Outcome

  • Competitive Advantage

Key Challenges

  • Missed customer expectations, lack of empathy for the customer


  • Design Thinking
  • Innovation
  • Ecosystem
  • Product Portfolio Management

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Discover how agile methodologies will streamline the way your company operates

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