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Are you ready to step into a world of transformation? Let's embark on a journey that's as human as it is inspiring. Your journey is our journey.

Who is CirrusLabs?

Our tagline, "Digital Transformation Simplified," isn't just a phrase; it's our commitment to making complex processes easy to understand and implement. Your journey is our journey, and together, we'll navigate the digital landscape, breaking down barriers and delivering results.


CirrusLabs wins big at USPAACC's InnovASIAN!

Our revolutionary AI-powered GRC solution, Lockthreat, placed second at the BE+ The InnovASIAN Pitch Session during the USPAACC's InnovASIANSymposium! Naeem Hussain, our COO, delivered a compelling pitch showcasing how Lockthreat helps companies.

  • Navigate complex regulations with ease.
  • Gain real-time insights into security risks.
  • Streamline GRC processes for maximum efficiency.

CXO Summit at Gitex Global: Recap Highlights

We're excited to share the highlights of the CXO Summit 2023, a collaboration between CirrusLabs and Our interactive platform brought together industry leaders to share actionable insights, best practices, and solutions for navigating the digital journey.

Watch our recap video to catch up on the transformative discussions and experiences that unfolded during this significant event. Stay tuned for an immersive journey through the CXO Summit 2023 and the digital transformation revolutionizing META.


Recap - CirrusLabs' Presence at Gitex Global 

We're thrilled to share a recap of CirrusLabs' exciting presence at Gitex Global 2023! Experience the highlights of our innovative solutions aligning with Dubai's 2050 Digital Strategy, simplifying the realm of digital transformation.

🚀 Dive into the recap by clicking the link below and relive the moments of our Booth 26 – B25 showcase.

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CirrusLabs CTO presents their software consulting solutions and talks cloud adoption.


Shiboo Varughese, CTO at CirrusLabs sees a regional trend of companies moving a lot from on-premises to the cloud and explains how having a global expertise on cloud migration, especially in the US market, makes them the perfect partner for this transition.

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Santosh Jayaram featured on "IT in Motion" Podcast


In our latest episode of IT in Motion, CRO at CirrusLabs, Santosh Jayaram explores the intersection of his engineering background and his current role and explains how his experiences have impacted business success. Tune in to the full episode at the link below!

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Interview: Cirrus Labs on Agile Transformation


Shiboo Varughese, Chief Technology Officer at CirrusLabs, outlines how they transform day-to-day operations with agility, data-driven insights, automation, and cloud solutions to meet the demands of the industry.

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How Large Language Models Like ChatGPT Accelerate AIOps

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16 Factors To Cover When Vetting A Potential Cloud Vendor

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If our clients are successful we feel accomplished and determined to push our own boundaries.

"The agile training helped us deepen our understanding of the intent behind the agile terms and the consistent use of practices that enabled agility to scale in our environment. One year later, we have significantly raised the predictability of product releases enabling our sales team to be more confident in proactively selling key features on the roadmap. CirrusLabs gave us the “agile nudge” we needed to make our deliveries more impactful."
Lucinda Duncalfe

CEO, Monetate

"I found their insights to be spot on and very well conceived, which will help us tremendously as we continue to evolve. I would highly recommend their services to any company either considering or struggling with the transformation to an agile framework. They are truly experts in their field and understand all the opportunities and challenges that will be encountered along the path."
Eric Chandler

CEO, Xpressdocs