Transform IT Operations & Network Management with CirrusLabs & ScienceLogic

Gain end-to-end visibility, automate tasks, and ensure data protection with ScienceLogic SL1, Zebrium, and Restorepoint – expertly delivered by CirrusLabs.


Challenges People Face


Visibility Gaps

Eliminate blind spots with a unified view of your entire IT environment.


Manual Toil

Streamline operations and reduce errors with powerful automation.


Data Vulnerability

Mitigate risks and ensure compliance with secure backup and swift recovery.

Our ScienceLogic Services for Operational Excellence


ScienceLogic SL1 for Unified Monitoring

Consolidate monitoring into a single platform. See your entire IT service landscape for proactive issue management.

Key Benefits:
Reduced silos, efficient problem resolution, service-aware IT operations.


Zebrium for
AI-Powered Insights

Use machine learning to detect anomalies, predict problems, and pinpoint root causes faster.

Key Benefits:
Proactive troubleshooting, reduced downtime, improved operational efficiency.


Restorepoint for Network Protection

Safeguard network configurations with automated backup and swift recovery for critical devices.

Key Benefits:
Minimize network disruption, meet compliance requirements, reduce risk.


ScienceLogic SL1

See everything across multi-cloud and distributed architectures, contextualize data through relationship mapping, and act on this insight through integration and automation. 


Intelligent automations rely on seamless flow of normalized data within an IT estate. Watch the video to learn how SL1 connects your estate together to automate multi-directional data flows and workflows.


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ScienceLogic Global Security Whitepaper

Are you prepared to face the evolving landscape of cyber threats head-on? In an interconnected world, where cyber-attacks are on the rise, fortifying your organization's security defenses is no longer an option—it's an imperative. Embrace the power of knowledge and arm yourself with the insights that can safeguard your digital assets and uphold your reputation with the ScienceLogic Global Security Whitepaper.


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