Cloud Lessons Learned E-Book

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95% of Fortune 500 companies trust their business on Azure, the only cloud provider with 90+ compliance offerings:

Cloud computing offers measurable benefits and solutions to real problems, including aging hardware, barriers to innovation, data center capacity constraints, and even regulatory requirements. But moving Windows Server and SQL Server workloads can be daunting. Unless, of course, you choose a cloud provider that understands those workloads and has extensive experience across multiple companies and industries, including financial services and healthcare.

Moving Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure helps you get better performance out of your investment. Unlock possibilities to do more with your data, while bringing your legacy data to the cloud and stimulating growth.

Many other businesses, including Legacy Health, Bank of America, and FedEx, have already migrated their Windows Server and SQL Server workloads to Azure. They’ve realized the benefits of a smooth migration process, achieved high performance, centralized infrastructure management, and deployed a hybrid cloud. What follows are actual customer experiences that illustrate both the process of migration and its benefits. This e-book will help you learn from their experiences.

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