Tricentis Unveils the Future of No-Code Test Automation

Introducing an insightful release titled "Tricentis Unveils the Future of No-Code Test Automation," showcasing our esteemed partner, Tricentis. We are excited to share that Tricentis is at the forefront of innovation with their groundbreaking advancements in no-code test automation. Discover how this cutting-edge approach transforms the testing landscape and empowers organizations to streamline their testing processes. Join us as we explore the exciting possibilities of no-code test automation and witness Tricentis' commitment to delivering exceptional testing solutions. Read the full press release to gain valuable insights from Tricentis and witness the future of test automation. Check out part of the press release below:

"Tricentis Test Automation is the next iteration of model-based testing, built specifically for enterprise applications. Tricentis Test Automation enables organizations to test end-to-end business processes and complex business applications. The next-gen solution now delivers a cloud-based, collaborative solution that enables teams to verify quality across their integrated platforms. From functional UI to API/microservices testing, the user-friendly SaaS-based solution allows anyone to quickly assemble scalable automated tests without coding or prior test automation knowledge.

Tricentis Test Automation’s key features include:

  • SaaS-based – Tricentis Test Automation is a highly scalable, flexible, and easy to manage cloud-native SaaS application.
  • Model-based UI test automation – Build codeless, resilient, automated tests through a unique approach that separates the automation model from the underlying application.
  • Elastic execution grid (E2G) – Test faster and at scale by running multiple tests in parallel across distributed infrastructures and virtual machines.
  • Playlists – Define test data and environmental coverage to prepare, configure, and orchestrate test cases for multi-app, end-to-end process testing.
  • Service simulation – Develop and test applications earlier and more completely by simulating microservices that are out of a team’s control, costly, or unavailable. Virtual services and contract tests are created from recorded traffic and deployed as needed in the DevOps process.
  • API testing – Invoke http API calls or async calls, like Kafka, MQ, or Rabbit, with user-defined payloads to easily test back-end functionality without relying only on front-end test cases."

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