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2 experts. 25 years of agile experience. 1 podcast filled with an infinite amount of laughs and knowledge to share. Join our agile experts Brandon Call and Johnny Gholson on their weekly podcast called Agile Chat.


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Meet the Hosts

Johnny Gholson

Director of Agility,

Mr. Gholson has been a leader in IT project management, Agile applications development, and process improvement consulting for the past 25 years. He has served in many leadership roles including CIO and PMO Director and has successfully completed projects with over 800 million in project budget and with over 100 team members located around the world. Mr. Gholson is an expert in full IT project and product management life cycle methodologies including Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP). He is also a proven leader in coaching and mentoring highly skilled project teams in Agile, Leadership, and Change Management.

Brandon Call

Head of Agility,

As a veteran agilist and software/technology leader, Brandon Call drives enterprise agile transformations. His experience in leading agile teams enables him to coach clients and leverage agile and lean practices to drive their success. He employs mentoring, training, coaching, and experiential inspection and adaptation to demonstrate agile practices succeeding with actual work, not just with theoretical scenarios.

He enjoys helping others succeed and sharing his experience, knowledge, and skills with others as a natural change agent and problem solver. He engages with others to facilitate adoption and maturity of increasingly agile and lean practices. This enables value-based measurable outcomes and ROI and empowers customers.

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