Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless and truly powerful data-driven service that provides an extensive analytics solution to drive appreciable business insights. Bringing together your data to drive overall productivity and significantly reduces the time to crucial business insights.


Why Azure Synapse?

Azure Synapse Analytics is unmatched in its scale and will allow for your enterprise to create a single architecture foundation to reduce the burden for multiple systems.


It is the proper analytics engine for accurate data at any scale. Bring together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics for your company. Query data on your own terms, using your choice of either serverless or dedicated resources.


Azure Synapse Analytics is an immense analytics service that will unify your company's experience to take in, discover, prepare, manage, and present data swiftly for BI and machine learning needs.

why synpase

Benefits Include


Unlimited Scale


Unmatched Security


Powerful Insights


Instant Clarity


Unified Experience

Create an engine for rapid business insights
with seamless ecosystem integration

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Azure Synapse Services

CirrusLabs can assist you in incorporating and leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics into your business cases, and work with your company to identify suitable data related services for your organizations unique needs.


Database Management

Our team can collect, process, analyze and manage data while ensuring high security of your database environment alongside meeting data governance compliances.


Reporting Dashboard Development

Realize the value of organizational data by transforming it into interpretable insights so everyone can make decisions based on facts.


Data Infrastructure Provisioning

Reduce costs and risk while increasing productivity for your enterprise at scale by setting up and maintaining a sustainable infrastructure.


Data Flows Management

As the volume of data grows, so does the challenge of working with that data and forming it into actionable information. Setting up proper data flows will allow for quicker visuals, organized reports, and up-to-date interpretable dashboards.


Data Modeling

Create data models in the cloud using modern modeling features to incorporate data from multiple data sources with defined metrics. Providing an efficient way to look at enormous amounts of data for expedient data analysis and interpretation.

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