Conquering Customer Chaos: Must-Have Contact Center Features

Through our experiences with several contact center migrations, we understand the complexities of managing diverse contact center systems. As experts in migrating agents (over 25,000 to date!) from various platforms to Genesys Cloud CX, we have seamlessly integrated AWS services for powerful backend functionality.  

The Magic of AWS and Genesys 

With over five years of experience as an AWS silver partner, CirrusLabs has harnessed the power of Genesys and Amazon to create practical solutions. Our Models, including Outbound, Inbound, and Virtual Agents, enable you to communicate across voice, SMS, and email, serving your customers quickly and boosting agent productivity. 

Genesys offers the only automated CX assurance platform that spans the entire development lifecycle for contact center features and technology, tests voice, digital channels, and self-service through agent-assisted service. Genesys enables a focus on maximum automation and productivity through ease of use. 

Cyara Helping Businesses Meet Customer Expectations  

As part of our comprehensive approach, we utilize Cyara, the leading platform for automating Customer assurance in your contact center feature development process. It seamlessly tests all your channels—voice, digital, self-service, and even agent-assisted interactions. This powerful tool empowers you to confidently embrace Agile and DevOps methodologies, ensuring your contact center features are always at their best with CirrusLabs. 

Cyara's intuitive design prioritizes ease of use, allowing you to automate a significant portion of your testing tasks. This translates to increased productivity and frees your team to focus on strategic initiatives. It also helps reduce costs, innovate faster, mitigate risk, and improve customer satisfaction. 

Collaborating to Create Excellence  

CirrusLabs has worked with Amazon Connect and Genesys for Application Development and Configuration. While Cyara is used for testing purposes to help deliver great client results. The key focus areas include:  

  1. Agile Migration Expertise: Our dedicated scrum teams of engineers, developers, and business analysts ensure a smooth and efficient transition from the existing model to Agile.  
  2. Technology-Independent Reporting:  We build customizable and scalable reporting models that utilize both on-premise and Genesys Cloud CX data sources (Purecloud), saving you money on data management. 
  3. Proven Industry Experience: We have a successful track record of validating CCS solutions across diverse industries, such as Banking, Life Sciences, Insurance, Healthcare, and more. 
  4. Cyara Validation Expertise: We leverage Cyara modules like Cx Model, Velocity, Cruncher, Outbound, Inbound, Pulse, Virtual Agent, Reports, and Cx Monitoring to validate your Genesys Cloud CX projects thoroughly.

Implementation of Call Flow 

A well-equipped contact center platform can handle a variety of customer interactions seamlessly. Our typical call center operations cater to Voice, Email, SMS, and Web services for our customer support services. 

For voice calls, customers can navigate menus and access self-service options through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or utilize agentless voice applications for tasks like account inquiries. Outbound calls can also leverage automation for reminders or marketing campaigns. 

For chat interactions, the system can route conversations based on keywords used by the customer (content-based routing) or by identifying their phone number (context-based routing) for a more personalized experience. Security features ensure the encrypted handling of sensitive information like credit card details during calls. Additional features manage call flow, providing hold music while callers wait and voicemail options when agents are unavailable. 

Contact Center Best Practices  

Some of the best practices followed in implementing a great solution are: 

  • Migrating Agents in small incremental groups to avoid bulk migration data losses. 
  • Use highly experienced engineers, developers and business analysts for supporting backend functions. 
  • Build a futuristic and scalable environment that can utilize On-prem and Purecloud data sources to save costs. 
  • Validate CSS projects using Cx Model, Velocity, Cruncher, Outbound, and Inbound to monitor the Cyara modules. 
  • Developing Cost-beneficial onshore and offshore execution and delivery models. 
  • Utilize COE expertise for Automation of test planning and implementation. 

Benefits of our Contact Center Model 

Here are some reasons to optimize your contact center features and operations beyond migration:

  1. Cost-Effective Delivery:  We offer a flexible onshore/offshore execution model with experienced resources to optimize project costs. 
  2. Automation Expertise:  Our Center of Excellence (COE) offers extensive experience in test planning and automation implementation for streamlined testing processes. 
  3. Pre-built Accelerators:  Leverage our library of CirrusLabs-developed accelerators across various SDLC phases to expedite your project timelines. 
  4. Strong Cyara Partnership:  We maintain a close alliance with Cyara, ensuring access to the latest technical expertise and collaborative support. 
  5. Continuous Learning:  Our team actively participates in Cyara product update programs, guaranteeing you benefit from the newest functionalities. 

Are you looking to incorporate new contact center features? Contact CirrusLabs today! We'll help you migrate to Genesys Cloud CX, optimize operations, and unlock the full potential of your customer experience strategy.