How can Agile make you faster, more innovative, and competitive? Learn about Agile Methodology

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What is Agile? And, how can it make you faster, more innovative, and competitive?

In today’s business environment, how is your organization remaining relevant? Is it investing in innovation? Is your organization feeling pressures to deliver products to the market faster in order to remain competitive? How are you adapting your product to the market demands?

You may have heard about Agile, you may be using it, or perhaps you've given up altogether...

Agile is a methodology that can help you achieve these business objectives. A relatively young methodology, it has gained widespread traction since 2001, when a group of developers came together and published A Manifesto for Agile Software Development. [1]

In taking this initiative, the developers were responding to methodologies that were weighing heavy on software development projects in the past. As they created the new methodology, they chose these as their core values:

  • focusing on people and user experience over process,
  • valuing working software more highly than documentation,
  • generating collaboration between developers and the business to ensure a product that will meet business needs, and
  • responding to change with flexibility instead of stubbornly sticking to a plan.

In practice, what problems can be resolved by employing an Agile methodology?

At CirrusLabs, we have applied Agile methodologies to resolve problems such as:

1. Long lead times from new business ideas to solution realization in production

2. Difficult integration of IT systems from acquired companies

3. Numerous unstructured processes for delivering IT solutions

4. Highly siloed function-based organizations

5. Failed attempts at executing agile frameworks

6. Delivering poor quality releases

7. And others


And, what results have come out of it?

Our clients have benefitted from the following results:

1. Enabled 12 weekly releases compared to zero releases for the previous quarter

2. Improved team predictability from ~18% to ~85% over a 3 month period

3. Implemented Program dashboard, resulting in less than 48 hours for impediment removal

4. Every team executing Scrum and at 95%+ compliance on client’s engineering practices

5. All Product Managers and Product Owners trained on Agile Product Management

6. A complete set of transformation recommendations to implement and an organizational target state with recommended role and personnel transitions

7. Developed a detailed rollout strategy and plan for implementing SAFe™


What results could you create with Agile at your organization?

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CirrusLabs® is a management consultancy firm specializing in guiding medium-to-large scale organizations in their transformation to Continuous Business Value Delivery® through use of lean thinking and agile frameworks.

Read the Manifesto here 


Looking to jumpstart your business transformation?

Let us show you how.

Our JumpStart Assessment ensures that your leadership team is commited to the transformation journey. It Includes:

  • Training the leadership team in Agile Fundamentals and the benefits of a successful transformation
  • Interactively establishing a shared vision and measurable objectives
  • Conducting an assessment to identify primary strengths and weaknesses 
  • Analyzing the Assessment Results and a recommending a Transformation Roadmap


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