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Jira Align

Unlock the agility of your enterprise by connecting your business strategy to technical execution with our Jira Align expertise and custom Jira Align offerings!

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Transformation starts with connected teams.

  • Get real-time visibility
    • Aggregate team-level data to make all work visible across your enterprise in real-time.
  • Align every team to strategy 
    • Get everyone on the same page to determine scope, roadmaps and dependencies across teams and portfolios.
  • Optimize for customer value
    • Connect strategic investments with customer value created to drive outcomes faster and more reliably.

Our 3-Point Methodology

Our Jira Align services are founded on a 3-point methodology to meet your desired business outcomes for your organization.


1. Organizational Alignment

We assess your enterprise's agile practices to build a roadmap for alignment to ensure business and technical teams are in sync.


2. Optimized Operations

We will utilize Jira Align to ensure your agile planning and practices are optimization towards a single point of truth.


3. Predictable Delivery

We will work with teams to manage risks and dependencies to ensure you deliver the right metrics at the right levels.


Watch the Jira Align Demo

The first pitfall in innovation & agile transformations is transparency. Learn more about how you can improve your organization with optimized and predictable delivery across every level of scale.

Jira Align Resources

Learn about CirrusLabs' experience and capabilities on solving complex problems and delivering innovation with Jira Align.

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Our Offerings



Our 140-point Assessment will benchmark your current state in the following areas: Collaboration tools, Analysis of your entire Pipeline and more!



As Atlassian Experts, we can help you manage all of your Atlassian licensing. Let us do the work to purchase new licenses, handle renewals, and manage upgrades.



We can help you understand which combination of tools are right for your specific needs, and how to install and configure those tools properly.



From introductory level workshops to enterprise transformations, our CirrusLabs team can help you make the most of your investment.


Managed Services

We provide a full range of Atlassian Jira Align managed services to help reduce cost, manual labor and risk. We can also jumpstart your customized Atlassian support in 24 hours or less!

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