Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches E-Book

Azure is one of the largest public cloud computing providers for services such as virtual machines (VMs), containers, server-less computing, and machine learning.

A Snippet From the E-Book

"Although the prospect of hundreds of services might at first be overwhelming, the reality is, you only have to know about the services that apply to your organization. Moving to Azure can be an evolutionary process: you can move one workload or one system at a time. And you can continue to maintain a hybrid environment of on-premises and cloud applications indefinitely. With Azure you can stay with the operating system, application tools, and platform you’re already familiar with. Whether you build and run applications on Linux, Python, Node.js, or Windows, you can continue to build and run those same applications in Azure without extra work."

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Throughout the book are little tasks that let you quickly try something new.

With Azure, you don’t need a magic wand to predict how many servers or how much storage you need over the next three years. No more delays as you gain bud-get approval, wait for new hardware to ship, and then rack, install, and configure everything. You don’t need to worry about what software versions or libraries are installed as you write your code.

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