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Whether your team is brand new or maturing in agile practices, talking to one of our Agile Coaches will bring clarity to your vision. 

Our experts have years of experience, and have learned the importance of officially ASSESSING an enterprise's agile practices. Followed by developing the right TRAINING for the team, and the immense value of COACHING throughout the entire organization for continuous business value delivery. 

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We help organizations adopt an agile mindset that is tailored to their reality with certified agile training and coaching.

Every enterprise is unique - considering the industry, company size, agile maturity, etc.. We leverage the lessons from our decades of experience and from our partner organizations to help you focus on delivering value. 

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Meet Our Coaches

Brandon Call

Brandon Call

Head of Agility

As a veteran agilist and software/technology leader, Brandon Call drives enterprise agile transformations. His experience in leading agile teams enables him to coach clients and leverage agile and lean practices to drive their success. He employs mentoring, training, coaching, and experiential inspection and adaptation to demonstrate agile practices succeeding with actual work, not just with theoretical scenarios.

He enjoys helping others succeed and sharing his experience, knowledge, and skills with others as a natural change agent and problem solver. He engages with others to facilitate adoption and maturity of increasingly agile and lean practices. This enables value-based measurable outcomes and ROI and empowers customers.

Johnny Gholson

Johnny Gholson

Director of Agility and Agile Practice Leader

Mr. Gholson has been a leader in IT project management, Agile applications development, and process improvement consulting for the past 25 years. He has served in many leadership roles including CIO and PMO Director and has successfully completed projects with over 800 million in project budget and with over 100 team members located around the world. Mr. Gholson is an expert in full IT project and product management life cycle methodologies including Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP). He is also a proven leader in coaching and mentoring highly skilled project teams in Agile, Leadership, and Change Management.

Claudia Alarcon

Claudia Alarcon

Agile Coach

Claudia is an Agile Coach that has experience coaching teams and executives for large scale Agile transformations. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as Royal Caribbean, Universal Studios Orlando, Ryder Systems, EMC, NextEra Energy, and Kaplan. She specializes in Agile cultural transformation, improving team dynamics, and effective change management to deliver results and improving team performance.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Eric Chandler, CEO, Xpressdocs

"I found their insights to be spot on and very well conceived, which will help us tremendously as we continue to evolve. I would highly recommend their services to any company either considering or struggling with the transformation to an agile framework. They are truly experts in their field and understand all the opportunities and challenges that will be encountered along the path."

Lucinda Duncalfe, CEO, Monetate

"The training helped us deepen our understanding of the intent behind the agile terms and the consistent use of practices that enabled agility to scale in our environment. One year later, we have significantly raised the predictability of product releases enabling our sales team to be more confident in proactively selling key features on the roadmap. CirrusLabs gave us the “agile nudge” we needed to make our deliveries more impactful."

Jim Montagnino, CEO, NC4

"CirrusLabs was the right choice to interview our team, assess our current tools and provide recommendations for how to streamline our processes to gain efficiency. After their initial assessment, they have been instrumental in providing practical steps to give us better visibility and a higher level of productivity in delivering solutions to our customers."

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