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As an Atlassian Silver Solution Partner, CirrusLabs provides a full range of services to help you rapidly improve the way your teams collaborate and work.


Our expertise and support covers Confluence, Trello, Atlassian Jira Software including: Jira Align, Jira Service Desk, Jira Core, Jira Portfolio, and much more!

Atlassian Silver Solution Partner - CirrusLabs

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Learn about CirrusLabs' experience and capabilities on solving complex problems and delivering innovation with Atlassian.

Car Rental

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Credit Card Industry

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Our Offerings



Our 140-point Assessment will benchmark your current state in the following areas: Collaboration tools, Analysis of your entire DevOps Pipeline and more!



As Atlassian Experts, we can help you manage all of your Atlassian licensing. Let us do the work to purchase new licenses, handle renewals, and manage upgrades.



We can help you understand which combination of tools are right for your specific needs, and how to install and configure those tools properly.



From introductory level classes to advance JIRA administration, our Atlassian training helps you make the most of your investment.


Managed Services

We provide a full range of Atlassian managed services to help reduce cost, manual labor and risk. We can also jumpstart your customized Atlassian support in 24 hours or less!



Atlassian has announced the End of Life (EOL) for Jira Server Licenses. We offer upgrade and migration services including: Conversion to Data Center and Conversion to Atlassian Cloud.

Jira Align CirrusLabs

Unlock the agility of your enterprise with Jira Align

Transformation starts with connected teams. We leverage Jira Align as it helps enterprises:

  • Get real-time visibility
  • Align every team to strategy 
  • Optimize for customer value


Atlassian Products Supported

Click on each card for details on each product

Jira Align CirrusLabs

Jira Align connects the work that IT, Dev, and business teams are doing with the goals and OKRs of the organization as a whole, enabling executives to effectively manage their portfolio of projects with an outcomes-based approach.

Jira Core CirrusLabs

JIRA Core is built for business teams. Plan, track and report any business project with JIRA Core and keep your team organized.

Jira Software CirrusLabs

JIRA Software is designed specifically for software teams and provides best-in-class agile tooling, deep developer tool integrations, and a focused project experience for your entire software team.

Jira Service Desk CirrusLabs

Tune Jira Service Management to meet your unique needs. Empower every team, from IT to HR to legal, to set up a service desk quickly and continuously adapt at scale. Deliver great service experiences fast - without the complexity of traditional ITSM solutions.

Atlassian Confluence CirrusLabs

Confluence is Atlassian's own Wiki application for creating, organizing, and discussing work with your teams. It can act as a document repository for your teams, or an Intranet to share information across your organization. Simply put, Confluence is a powerful engine for collaboration.

Bitbucket CirrusLabs

Bitbucket is a Git repository management system designed for professional teams. It provides tools for distributed version control, the extensibility to ensure it integrates into your workflow, and the ability to massively scale as your team grows.

Fisheye CirrusLabs

Visualize and report on activity and search for commits, files, revisions, or teammates across SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS and Perforce.

Atlassian Slack CirrusLabs

Atlassian and Slack have formed a new strategic partnership. Slack is team chat that's built for business. Slack can scale to enterprise offering file/screen sharing, video, group, and individual chat options.

Bamboo CirrusLabs

Bamboo is a continuous integration and delivery tool that ties automated builds, tests and releases together in a single workflow. It works great alongside JIRA and Bitbucket providing a fully traceable deployment pipeline.

Crucible CirrusLabs

Review code, discuss changes, share knowledge, and identify defects across SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS, and Perforce.

Opsgenie CirrusLabs

Opsgenie empowers Dev & Ops teams to plan for service disruptions and stay in control during incidents.

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