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A company transitioning to the digital platform requires a lot of strategy to ensure that the transforming is a complete success; Otherwise, it will not only lead to failure but will also cause a landslide effect on the company’s image. Companies, however, are yet to gear up to the thought of strategizing a plan-of-action for a smooth transition. It is not just about the company’s infrastructure or bandwidth to undergo a digital transformation; it is also about its workforce who needs to be upbeat and updated about the transformation. Some of the most common challenges that companies face during digital transformation include:

  • Employee pushback
  • Lack of overall digitization strategy
  • Organizational structure
  • Lack of expertise to spearhead a digitization movement
  • Limited budget

Thus, calling for the help of a digital transformation consultant. However, getting a certified consultant is as difficult, as getting to successfully complete a digital transformation. So, here are a few tip/questions to understand whether or not a consultant fits the bill in lieu of the company’s vision and mission:

How well do they know the sector: Digital transformation can happen in any industry in any sector, especially the ones that are data-driven. However, it is completely different when it comes to hiring the right agent to help you when you face a challenge. It must be ensured that the consultant has a thorough knowledge of the sector. Most often than not, the right candidate would know about marketing or IT but may falter with the market he has to work for. Remember, automotive companies will have a different set of issues than healthcare providers. The candidate should know the difference between the two.

Do you have the right bandwidth to implement what the consultant plans? It is important to have the infrastructure and the budget to be able to execute a plan strategized by a digital transformation consultant. If the consultant has a perfect plan, businesses should have the right infrastructure to be able to withhold that plan. Having said that, it is also important to see that the consultant is able to analyze the total impact of a digital strategy during the earliest stages of planning. Otherwise, even a foolproof plan may prove to be detrimental to the company’s goals. The consultant should be aware of the importance of creating the base first before diving into the details of the digital transformation strategy. The agency should be able to determine the importance of social media in engaging the customers while the business transforms digitally. The consultant should be able to determine the pain points in the company’s operation to build up a strong strategy to overcome them and make the transformation profitable.

How flexible is the consultant? Ensure that the consultant is restricted to the services you demand. It has been often observed that consulting agencies try to push their other services too, which is not desirable. Businesses should be able to negotiate specific services from a particular agency and leave the rest to the other agencies.

Does the consultant align with company requirements? Digital transformation in IT does not call for consultants from the marketing sector. That could be a remote possibility only if they are able to align their services according to the IT transformation.

The agent should be willing to give time to the transformation: Strategizing is one thing and executing it in the context of the business’s infrastructure is another thing. Moving too slow or fast could have similar ramifications, leading up to total chaos. Hiring a freelancer, unless it is a small challenge, would, therefore, be a bad choice since they do not have the time to see the strategy win or lose and take subsequent steps to garner a profitable business. Ensure that the Digital Transformation Consultant is aware of the process that goes into planning, strategizing and implementing and most of all the time taken to cover all of the stages.

How much money is required: Optimizing costs, are one of the core objectives of all businesses, while good investments guarantee more profit, it must be ensured that the money is spent wisely and optimally. Learn what the consultant has in mind, how he plans to distribute the resources. While his strategies may help businesses save money, it must be determined whether the path taken has long-term benefits.

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