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How BIG is Big Data Analysis in the World of Retail! - CirrusLabs

From construction to manufacturing, retail to healthcare, the three Vs– Velocity, Volume, and Variety – govern everything. These also form the essence of all technological innovation such as Bigdata. ...

Sydney Bellamy

Get Real about Digital Transformation Strategy - It is not just about moving to Cloud - CirrusLabs

Cloud management and digital transformation are almost inseparable, if not for the strategies that go into bridging the two. Digital transformation, indeed, is not only about moving to the clouds, ...

Sydney Bellamy

The Link between Big Data Analytics and your company’s growth

The key to business growth is making informed decisions, which is by adopting Big Data analytics. It is the complex process of analyzing and examining large and varied data sets to uncover ...

Sydney Bellamy

Fostering Value in Healthcare through Supply Chain Management

The importance of supply change management continues to increase for the healthcare sector, owing to the challenges it faces with proper distribution and time-bound fulfillment. Members of the ...

Sydney Bellamy

Salesforce Communities Gives Quest Trust a 360-Degree Customer View - CirrusLabs

Delivering A Best In Class Customer Experience Quest Trust is one of the fastest-growing direct custodian of IRAs and other self-directed accounts in the United States. The company allows Americans ...

Sydney Bellamy

5 Things To Look For In A Digital Transformation Consultant - CirrusLabs

A company transitioning to the digital platform requires a lot of strategy to ensure that the transforming is a complete success; Otherwise, it will not only lead to failure but will also cause a ...

Sydney Bellamy