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CirrusLabs Health Care Proof of Concept using Google Glass

Wearables as a technology category is emerging as one of the leading technologies within health care. Whether it is Mixed Reality (MR) via the holo-lens, Virtual Reality (VR) from Samsung Gear or ...

Kjell Hegstad

CirrusLabs Announces an ARKit Proof of Concept

Apple just announced their iPhone 8 series and the next-gen iPhone X. What was the buzz all about? A lot of the press and media is about the ARKit and how Apple is positioning the iPhone to be the ...

Kjell Hegstad

7 Benefits of User Story Mapping

User Story Mapping is an excellent technique to visualize how the solution is going to be iteratively developed in fast-feedback cycles. MVPs can be defined for various reasons such as validating the ...

Urooj Hussain

3 reasons why CEOs need to care about Agile

If you’re a CEO of a company, agile and scrum should be very familiar to you. If not, you run the risk of losing productivity and profit in your business. The top 3 challenges for CEOs who are ...

Naeem Hussain

Envision Your Agile Destination - Release Orientation

An agile transformation journey implies a starting point, where you are now, and a destination. That destination might not be the final end point for your transformation journey, but that destination ...


Agile Enterprise Portfolio Management for Release Orientation

The third foundation –Agile Enterprise Portfolio Management– A lean project funding and tracking process that ensures Just In Time funding of ideas, so that the rest of the machinery can deliver the ...

Naeem Hussain

From the "Ugly Box of Ideas" to an Agile project - Digital Strategy & Release Orientation

So, does this picture bring up bad memories of late November or early December – out in the cold, hanging these up and not sure if all or any of these bulbs were going to light? For me, this picture ...


The Starting Problem Series – The Agile Resource Allocation Dilemma – Part 2

In the previous post, we outlined the Agile Resource Allocation Dilemma and recognized that this is a pervasive issue and a tough one to solve.

Naeem Hussain