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Agile at Scale Requires a Special Kind of Leadership: Guest Blog Series

It’s not all about the team. For Agile to work in a large program or a large organization, the cross-team issues are even more important than how well teams function individually. This is a common ...

Cliff Berg (Guest Blogger)

Non-Technical Agile Leads to Waterfall: Guest Blog Series

There is a trend today that I find troubling: non-technical release train engineers, Agile coaches, or others in Agile leadership roles who are non-technical, leading the way for Agile ceremony ...

Cliff Berg (Guest Blogger)

What to Look for in an Agile Training Course

How do you learn?


Q&A with Joe Campbell: On DevOps Part 2:New Tools, Metrics, and Lessons of Continuous Delivery

Welcome to Interview Series! In this Series, we ask questions that you submit through our social media channels to our consulting practice leaders.


Why is a Culture of Commitment so impactful in an organization?

Having played senior leadership roles in many solutions delivery organizations, we have witnessed both the presence and absence of a Culture of Commitment.


What does a Culture of Commitment feel like in an organization?

More often, organizations pervert the notion of the Sprint “commitment” with crushing delivery pressure or a lack of a support structure that allows a real commitment culture to take hold. For these ...


Is Your Test Automation Portfolio Ready For Acceleration? Or Will It Slow You Down?

We have all heard of the test pyramid, and the importance of a well-formed base of unit tests, a highly flexible set of integration tests and UI test automation that supports multi-browser validation ...


What is Release Orientation?

Project oriented organizations focus entirely on getting a related set of intent packaged into a container called a project and seeing that entire container move through from requirements generation ...


Sixth installment - the starting problem series - the worst leadership mistake

As experienced leaders, we expect that our managers and executives trust us as well as give us autonomy in decision-making. Some call this empowerment. The secret for this empowerment begins with ...

Naeem Hussain

The Starting Problem Series - Fifth installment - Is innovation and reward important in agile transformation?

Inspired at @gwu @uchicago

Naeem Hussain