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DevOps to DevSecOps - It's Time to Make the Switch - CirrusLabs

DevOps is an everyday term that is associated with profit, progress and fruitful business. While some of the benefits it offers include better collaboration between teams, faster time to market, ...

Sydney Bellamy

DevOps Practices: 3 Point Health Checklist for Asset Management, CI/CD & Monitoring

DevOps is unique for each organization but the 3 key areas that are common to almost all DevOps methods are asset management, CI/CD and monitoring. Below you will find a 3 Point Health Checklist for ...

Ken Fritz

Top 5 Atlassian and ALM Pain Points and How to get the value you hoped for!

So you’ve got the Atlassian Suite up and running. Jira, Confluence, and maybe some other products too, like Bitbucket and Bamboo. Life is great! Or is it? Unfortunately, we often hear from customers ...

Ken Fritz

Don’t Take Baby Steps: Guest Blog Series

Teams are not constrained by how much they can learn. They are constrained by how much they are allowed to try, as well as by how much they don’t know what they don’t know. When Agile adoption ...

Cliff Berg (Guest Blogger)

Getting Started with the Elastic Stack

Applications running in production, test, and development environments produce massive files filled with endless lines of text in the form of log files. Mining the data available in these files ...

Paul Friedman

5 Step Application Deployment in AWS using Apache Mesos and Marathon


Ifti Khan

DevOps: Faster Development With Safety

DevOps!! Now, WHAT crosses your mind on hearing this word? Well, you might think of it as another bit of fancy terminology or a buzzword in the IT industry. As a matter of fact, I too thought the ...

Krithi Gnanasekaran

Let's Go Deal with Nexus Repository Manager

Are you looking to streamline your software artifacts, application packages, open source dependencies? Wouldn't it be great to have a solution that is easy to install, upgrade, maintain, and has a ...

Sasi Kumar

The "Gotcha" in Switching to Git/Gerrit for Code Review

The CI [continuous integration] pitfall to utilizing Git and Gerrit for code review.

Joseph Campbell

Getting Started with Jenkins Pipeline in 4 Steps

If you are familiar with open-source Jenkins, you understand that it is an award-winning continuous integration and deployment tool for a reason. It’s growing ecosystem of plugins has taken Jenkins ...

Kai Prout