DevOps: Faster Development With Safety

DevOps!! Now, WHAT crosses your mind on hearing this word?

Well, you might think of it as another bit of fancy terminology or a buzzword in the IT industry. As a matter of fact, I too thought the same a few months ago before I joined CirrusLabs. Now, I am very much in love with this word, for it embodies a concept that makes the life of all developers and testers a little less hectic and a bit more clear.

At CirrusLabs DevOps means there is more Safety for Operations and Speed for Development. Want to know how it works? READ ON.….

Companies around the world (Google, Amazon Web Services, Pinterest, etc.) including CirrusLabs use DevOps to deploy code 30 times faster with 50 percent fewer failures. Additionally, the code can be deployed multiple times a day, versus once a month by non-DevOps users. In DevOps, there isn't a need to choose stability versus new features, as a single team is responsible for delivering new features and stability (eliminating the "thrown over the wall concept" waiting for different teams to troubleshoot and fix the problems). Hurray!! Now, doesn't this all sound Fast and Safe at the same time.

So if DevOps could do so much, WHAT is DEVOPS ???

Basically, DevOps is a cultural shift, a collaboration between development and operations. One could never find a single DevOps tool. Instead, we have a DevOps toolchain. Tools such as Docker (a Container which includes the application and all of its dependencies), Jenkins (used for Continuous Integration purposes) and Puppet (Infrastructure as code) are amongst the most common & frequently used tools in DevOps.

The requirements and solutions of DevOps evolves through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams.

Many of you out there might think that this is very similar to Agile, so what’s new? Why DevOps, when an IT employee or an organization can achieve the same impact adopting Agile? Great, I was just going to address that question. Agile and DevOps may address similar things, but they differ in a few important aspects. Agile represents a change in thinking, whereas DevOps is an implementation of the organizational and cultural change that being Agile implies.  The primary goal of DevOps is to establish an environment where releasing more reliable applications, faster and more frequently can occur.

We at CirrusLabs utilize tools for application release automation and continuous integration to help advance this goal using a Continuous Delivery approach.

Now all of this might sound a bit overwhelming, but believe me, you are in for more excitement once you get a hang of DevOps. And NOW is the right time for you and your company to take the big leap!! Check out how CirrusLabs can help you achieve your DevOps goals.


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