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SAFe for Small Value Streams – The Portfolio Level and Wrapping It Up

At the Portfolio Level, there are really no significant impacts for SVS pattern organizations. We still use Kanban systems to manage the business epic and architecture epic pipelines that flow into ...


We are speaking at Continuous Delivery Summit (CD Summit) in Washington DC!

We are happy to announce that Naeem and Brian will be speaking at CD Summit on Wednesday, November 19th. Our session is called "Realizing Continuous Delivery: From Startups to Large Enterprises" - so ...

Naeem Hussain

SAFe for Small Value Streams – The Program Level

When considering the Program Level of SAFe applied to Small Value Streams (SVS's - see the first article in the series for an introduction to SVS's), I will describe SAFe elements that "work out of ...


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for Companies with Small Value Streams

Last year, I got inspired to read Dean Leffingwell’s “Agile Software Requirements” book. As I read Dean’s concepts (better known as the Scaled Agile Framework™ - or SAFe for short), it was obvious to ...


SAFe for Small Value Streams – The Team Level

One of the great parts of the SAFe framework is the emphasis on usage of industry standard practices like Scrum and XP (Continuous Integration, Pair Programming, Test-Driven Development, and ...


SAFe for Small Value Streams – Business Intent Flow and Organizing to Deliver Program Level Features

Small Value Stream (SVS) pattern organizations have the largest portion of their product development flow starting locally with intent generated from within each SVS. Therefore, we can optimize the ...