SAFe for Small Value Streams – The Portfolio Level and Wrapping It Up

At the Portfolio Level, there are really no significant impacts for SVS pattern organizations. We still use Kanban systems to manage the business epic and architecture epic pipelines that flow into each of the Agile Release Trains (ART’s). In SVS pattern organizations, we still have high value in utilizing Investment Themes to drive operating budgets across all the ART’s. Additionally, because an SVS organization is operating at scale, we need to have an Enterprise Architect to drive technology direction across all programs / ART’s.

In summary, SAFe provides a fantastic framework for scaled agile implementations at Small Value Stream patterned organizations. With the addition of a thin layer for SVS Level Product Management and Backlog, SAFe provides a solid structure for implementing broad program initiatives while maximizing flow for the majority of product development happening locally within the SVS’s.