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What Are Agile Methodologies And Tools?

Agile methodologies are approaches to development that are aligned with the values and principles described within the Agile Manifesto for software development. Agile methodologies aim to deliver the ...


Top 5 Atlassian and ALM Pain Points and How to Get The Value You Hoped For!

So you’ve got the Atlassian Suite up and running. Jira, Confluence, and maybe some other products too, like Bitbucket and Bamboo. Life is great!

Ken Fritz

Jira Should Help Your Teams Be More Agile, Not Inhibit Them

We see a lot of complex configurations within Jira where teams have to jump through hoops to manage and track their work. 15-minute standups can turn into a ScrumMaster chasing down updates for hours ...


Simplify Roadmap Planning

It's easy to get lost in a myriad of tools and manage one thing in Jira and another elsewhere. Jira's usefulness lies within aggregating all necessary date in one place and being able to view and ...


How to Use Jira Notification Schemes to Increase Team Engagement

"I get too many emails.", "How do I know when an issue is assigned to me?", "I don't have time to check Jira every day."

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Top 10 Reasons Why Atlassian Managed Services Are Better Than Internal Hosting

Organizations lack the ability to cost-effectively manage their Atlassian ecosystem without significant compromises. Many companies make the mistake of hosting their Atlassian ecosystem internally. ...

Sushil Negi, VP of DevOps