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Mastering SAP ERP Implementation: Strategies to Mitigate Common Mistakes and Gaps

The implementation of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems is a pivotal journey for businesses, offering the promise of streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency. Nevertheless, SAP ERP ...

Robert Saini & Gopinath Sampath

New CirrusLabs Office Opening In Hyderabad

Monday marked the grand opening of the new CirrusLabs office in Hyderabad at Workafella Hitech City! CirrusLabs is rapidly expanding its scale in delivering Cloud & Automation services to its ...

Unveiling the Top 5 AI-Powered Predictive Analysis Tools: Transforming Business Insights and Revolutionizing Your Data Analytics

The Rise of AI-Powered Predictive Analysis Tools: Transforming Business Insights

The Rise of AI-Powered Predictive Analysis Tools: Transforming Business Insights In today's fast-paced business environment, data has become the lifeblood of organizations, driving their success and ...

Ryan Mueller

Why Training and Coaching are Important?

Agile training is skill-specific training that is divided into four areas: leadership training, foundational training, mastery, and scaling. In this blog, you will learn about the different pillars ...

Brandon Call
agile team

What Are Agile Methodologies And Tools?

Agile methodologies are approaches to development that are aligned with the values and principles described within the Agile Manifesto for software development. Agile methodologies aim to deliver the ...


Top 10 Tips for Agile Facilitation

Claudia Alarcon

Why You Should Use Agile Project Management For Non-Software Projects

You can’t go anywhere in the IT field without hearing the word Agile. It was originally designed to improve software development, in order to help software development teams react to a dynamic market ...

Bonita Dungan

Getting The Most Out Of Cucumber, Gherkin and Selenium

Cucumber, Selenium and Gherkin have become popular tools for helping teams implement test automation or what is often referred to as Acceptance Test Driver Development (ATDD) or Behavior Driven ...

Eric Taylor

How to Foster Digital Equilibrium and Cybersecurity

The pace of digital transformation continues to increase in organizations across the world, owing to the speed it bestows to corporate affairs. Right from data storage to customer experience, digital ...

Sydney Bellamy

DevOps to DevSecOps - It's Time to Make the Switch

DevOps is an everyday term that is associated with profit, progress and fruitful business. While some of the benefits it offers include better collaboration between teams, faster time to market, ...

Sydney Bellamy