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Agile (5)

The Starting Problem Series – The Agile Resource Allocation Dilemma – Part 2

In the previous post, we outlined the Agile Resource Allocation Dilemma and recognized that this is a pervasive issue and a tough one to solve.

Naeem Hussain

Passed the Certified Scrum Professional Exam!

Happy to report that I took the Certified Scrum Profession (CSP) exam this morning and passed with flying colors! My biggest reason for working towards the exam was using it as a forcing function to ...


The Starting Problem Series - The Agile Resource Allocation Dilemma - Part 1

Congratulations! You have now convinced your management team to adopt agile. Everyone (or at least most) in your leadership team have extended their support toward this initiative. Everyone believes ...

Naeem Hussain

The Big Lever

I have a new article published today with Scrum Alliance on why release orientation (vs. project orientation) is so important to being agile and critical to scaled agile.


Team Design Patterns – Feature teams supported by component teams

In the last article, I outlined the Large Feature Team pattern as a first alternative to the Ideal Team Structure (ITS) if your organization cannot make the immediate leap to the ITS when ...


Agile Organizational Design – Agile Software Delivery

Transforming to an agile software delivery model is filled with lots of challenges, especially when you are talking about solutions delivered in an organization of a large scale. In these large ...