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Agile (2)

What to Look for in an Agile Training Course

How do you learn?


All you wanted to know about Responsive Design - summarized!

“I have been asked from a lot of developers “What is responsive design all about? How does it work, and how do I do it?” In this article I’m going to try to explain responsive design and how that ...


3 things about Agile requirements roles that you want to know

In my experience delivering high velocity, critical business projects, I have worked in environments that have traditional software development approaches as well as environments using agile ...

Urooj Hussain

3 reasons why CEOs need to care about Agile

If you’re a CEO of a company, agile and scrum should be very familiar to you. If not, you run the risk of losing productivity and profit in your business. The top 3 challenges for CEOs who are ...

Naeem Hussain

Avoiding the Agile Tool Trap

Suraya Bradshaw

The 6 Top Scrum Myths Debunked

Scrum is a framework comprised of roles, events, artifacts and rules along with a set of values to be lived by Scrum Teams. We have seen Scrum done well and, in many instances, Scrum not done so ...

Naeem Hussain

3 Easy Agile Fixes to Boost Your Productivity of your Agile Implementation

Agile frameworks, like Scrum, are generally easy to understand. With many teams where we have taught and coached, there are some common mindset and practice tweaks that make a real difference to ...


How can Agile make you faster, more innovative, and competitive? Learn about Agile Methodology

What is Agile? And, how can it make you faster, more innovative, and competitive? In today’s business environment, how is your organization remaining relevant? Is it investing in innovation? Is your ...


Choosing an Agile Project Management Tool for your Agile Organization

How do you know what tool to choose? JIRA, VersionOne, Rally, DAD, LeanKit... the list goes on.


3 Scenarios To Consider in Gherkin's GWT Format for User Stories

As a product owner, I am constantly challenged with writing user stories that meet my stakeholder needs. A key deliverable from a Product Owner is having user stories with crisp acceptance criteria. ...

Urooj Hussain